• Broadclyst School–Online Dining

    Satisfying all stakeholders in an organization is no small task. But Live-Tech knows getting everyone on the same page can produce superior results.

    The dining hall at Broadclyst School seems an unlikely setting for high-tech consensus building. But #Office365 with Microsoft Forms enables school staff to feed each student according to his or her individual preferences. Furthermore, the analysis of a survey informs the school kitchen’s food orders and menu design–leading to a happy, well-fed student body.

    Live-Tech can help you satisfy stakeholder appetites too. Contact us to find out how.

  • Office 365 Helps Small Business Do Big Work

    Live-Tech understands how important it is for small businesses to have productivity tools that let them to do their best work. These tools need to always be up-to-date. They also need to have the information that matters most to you, available and accessible – anywhere, anytime.
    We’re excited to show you how #Office365 does this for Turbine Test Services, a professional services company with four employees that work together across two states to maintain wind turbines along America’s wind corridor. No matter your business or industry, Live-Tech can help you work easily and flexibly, just like Turbine Test Services. Check it out!

  • Don’t Miss Another Post from Live-Tech

    Never underestimate the power of collaboration. When your customers can bring up to 250 participants together–with a single click, from any device–great ideas and winning strategies are the result. #Office365 features Skype for Business, a complete online meeting solution with audio, video, and web conferencing. Attendees can record their meetings, share screens, and edit files in real time–even use a whiteboard and poll features to make their meetings more productive. With today’s globally dispersed workforce, powerful collaboration tools are the key to innovation without boundaries.

  • Keep Software Costs Down with Office 365

    Live-Tech understands how important it is for small businesses to keep IT costs down. In fact, forty-one percent of small businesses say that lack of budget is their biggest barrier to adopting new technology. We think #Office365, with its low monthly subscription cost, can help. One license of this powerful business productivity suite is good for use on up to FIVE devices for a single user!

    Professional services company Turbine Test Service has four Office 365 subscriptions that empower them to work flexibly, which they need because two of their co-workers work remotely No matter your business or industry, Live-Tech can help you get more stuff done, anywhere, anytime – and at a reasonable cost.

  • 10 Ways to Build a Strong Team

    Implementing effective communication practices makes companies 4.5 times more likely to have highly engaged employees and 20 percent more likely to have less employee turnover.

    At Live-Tech, we know enabling your teams with the right technology can help lead to highly effective internal communication practices. Contact us to hear how #Office365 can help you open lines of communication within your organization.

  • Broadclyst School–Communicating with Skype

    Real-time communication can boost productivity, broaden perspectives, and build stronger partnerships. Live-Tech knows that, with the right tools, teams can share their work and ideas to benefit group projects and develop stronger working relationships.

    The Broadclyst School uses #Office365 with Skype for Business to facilitate communication and collaboration among student teams around the world –supporting pupil engagement and enhancing their curriculum. Skype also encourages parent partnerships with the school by enabling parents to attend and participate virtually in school meetings when they can’t be there in person. Thanks to Office 365, everyone benefits.

    Live-Tech can help your business build stronger partnerships too. Contact us to find out how.