6 Key Features Of The New Mac OS X Yosemite

On Monday, during the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC 2014), Apple announced a number of new features in their software platforms, Mac OS X & the new iOS. These new versions are named as Mac OS X Yosemite & iOS 8, respectively & consists of approx. 80+ new small to large additions. Let’s have a look at the six key features of the new Mac OS X Yosemite.

1) New Look

New Look

As predicted, the new Mac OS X Yosemite UI is inspired by the iOS 7, which was launched last year. The new UI now consists of the new Flat design trend, the use of bright colors, new dock, new icons & effective use of the translucent UI elements.

With this new translucent effect, the overall UI color temperature changes as per the wallpaper & carries the overall attitude / mood throughout the operations. Looks pretty cool.

In addition to this, Apple also introduced a ‘Dark’ UI mode for people who like darker UI than using the bright white UI on larger screens of the iMac or the MacBook laptops.

2) Continuity, Handoff & Instant HotSpot

Continuity, Handoff & Instant HotSpot

Yosemite includes this new smart Handoff feature for relaying tasks from the iPhone or iPad with the new iOS 8. We can now receive or make phone calls, send/receive SMS messages from iPhone on our Mac computers. This is very useful when your iOS device is in a close proximity & you don’t want to engage your hands on the phone.

Continuity is another related feature which allows you to start your task on iPhone & then continue with it on your iPad or then move it on to your Mac to complete it. This works with any application including the text messages, documents, photos or even Internet browsing.

The new OS also includes a way to use your iPhone or iPad for Internet connection. If for some reason, your Mac is not getting the signal from the Wi-Fi router, you can use your iOS device’s Wi-Fi signal to connect to the main router, using the new feature called ‘Instant Hotspot’. Once your Mac receives back the signal, it automatically disconnects the iOS device to save its batter power.

3) iCloud Drive & Documents

 iCloud Drive & Documents

Apple introduced their own Dropbox alternative for Mac & iOS during the same keynote presentation. It allows people to sync documents from all devices & access them on any other device using iCloud Drive. You can start working on documents, photos from the iCloud Drive, save them & even sync them with the Windows computer. 5GB space is free, 20GB is for $0.99 per month & more storage space is available for comparatively low prices.

4) Improved Safari

Improved Safari

The new version includes tremendous improvements on two of the conventional features of the Mac. Safari is now improved for faster JavaScript performance, SPDY protocol, improved HTML5 video component for saving power consumption, Address bar with shortcuts to favorite websites, easier access to reading list & RSS feeds on the sidebar, fully features tab view. Improved Safari is also a part of the new iOS 8. You can read the full list of iOS 8 features here.

5) New Spotlight Search

 Spotlight Search

The new improved Spotlight search feature includes, rich media search results, curated content from the most popular websites like Wikipedia, direct calculation & conversion results for equations, distances, measuring units, etc. The new spotlight will be very easy to use & will be presented right in the center of the screen for quick access, whenever called for.

6) Today’s Notifications

Today’s Notifications

Notification Center is not improved to display ‘Today’ view for a quick overview of the appointments, to-do list, sports update, stocks, weather updates, breaking news, & lots more. It also allows us to add multiple widgets on the ‘Today’ screen, for getting updates from third-party apps.

System Requirement for Mac OS X Yosemite

There are no changes in the system requirements from Mavericks to Yosemite. The following are the supported devices for the Mac OS X 10.10 with a minimum of 2GB RAM, 8GB of available storage & OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) or above installed.

  • iMac from mid 2007
  • MacBook from late 2008
  • MacBook Pro from mid 2007
  • MacBook Air
  • Mac Mini from 2009
  • Mac Pro from 2008

The new Mac OS X Yosemite has plenty of other features too & will also receive a new cloud-based Photo Editing application, which will be available sometime next year. The new Mac OS X 10.10 is available for beta testing for developers & non-developers too. You can sign up on the Apple’s website for beta testing. The OS has a release date for sometime in September, 2014 & will be available for free.

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