9 Features Why You Should Choose Live-Tech Hosted Exchange 2013

We can see a lot of exciting new changes happening in technology, especially with the Cloud Technology – for Desktops to latest smartphones. And Live-Tech Hosted Exchange 2013 is no exception.

Live-Tech Hosted Exchange 2013 is a future of business communication in a completely secured cloud environment. Not just that – it’s also available in a much affordable pricing than earlier. If you, still, aren’t aware of what’s new in the new Live-Tech Hosted Exchange 2013, here are the reasons and features why you would like switching to it.

Enhanced Protection with In-built Anti-malware & Anti-Spam


Live-Tech Hosted Exchange 2013 is of course a powerful platform to connect with multiple users, which has always been secured. With it, your data is safe and protected all the time.

But with growing threats & their injection methods, Microsoft Exchange has incorporated many more features to increase the security.

Live-Tech Hosted Exchange 2013 comes in-built with more enhanced & even more sophisticated anti-malware protection and the anti-spam feature.

Streamlined Interface

Streamlined Interface

Live-Tech Hosted Exchange 2013 now has unified and a more streamlined user interface that replaces Exchange Management Console) and the Web-based Exchange Control Panel.

If you like the Metro design and have been using it, getting used to the new Administration center is never a big deal. Things are kept organized with this GUI. This clean interface will definitely make it easier for you to carry on your tasks.

Improved Outlook Web App


The Outlook Web App is now updated with a cooler design – syncing it well with the new Metro style user interface.

Considering the growth of mobile devices & their usage, Outlook Web App now has improved touch experience for all the mobile devices.

Users can pick the custom UI layout using tablets, smartphones or desktops. The offline version lets the users to write messages even when not connected to the network. Using the latest HTML5 technology, Outlook Web App is now compatible with multiple web browsers.

Unified Contacts – Sync with Social Media accounts

Unified Contacts – Sync with Social Media accounts

Social Media now has important place in our businesses as they provide greater platform to connect with people and market our products and services. Such a crucial platform cannot be ignored for swifter communication. And, that’s the reason why Exchange 2013 is ready to sync your Social contacts with your mailbox.

With your Live-Tech Exchange 2013 account, you can easily collect and sync contacts from multiple accounts on Facebook and LinkedIN with ease.

Even Better Search Mechanism

In an enhanced Cloud Computing days, Artificial Intelligence is a key to improved productivity. With new Exchange 2013 your account gets a new sophisticated technique that analyses your usage behaviour and then offer you much faster & easier searches.

Modern Public Folders

With new Exchange 2013, you get shared mailboxes, public folders, site mailboxes all under the Public Folder mailboxes. The Public Folder is now renamed to Modern Public Folders. With this, you can create Public Folder Mailboxes and each mailbox, of course has its own mailbox database.

In short, sharing and creating mailboxes is now at the best and simplest in Live-Tech Hosted Exchange 2013.

VIP Customer Care & Support

VIP Customer Care & Support

Right from picking the most suitable plan to setting up your account – our dedicated and certified support team ensures working hand-in-hand with you, no matter what time of the day.

We at Live-Tech Hosted Exchange strongly believe in offering Red Carpet Treatment with VIP customer care & support – that means, every customer is important to us, to work with you in any way possible.

Great Discount on Exchange 2013 Yearly Plan

We care about your business like nobody ever does. We greatly understand the value of every penny spent on managing the business needs, and that’s the reason why we offer great discounts on yearly plans for 5 or more Live-Tech Hosted Exchange 2013 accounts.

Our 20,000+ Customers Can’t Be Wrong

Live-Tech Hosted Exchange 2013 has always been the primary service for in-house messaging for over 20,000 (and growing) businesses who endorse our services. And even with the latest version, it won’t fail to impress you.

Apart from the above mentioned features, Exchange 2013 also comes with voice-mail integration, compliance with eDiscovery, surge deflection and a lot more.

Bonus Features

We also offer; Microsoft Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 or Entourage free software license, Full Integration and on-going support for every account on our service.

It has enough features and reasons for you to switch to it and once linked with Live-Tech Hosted SharePoint and Live-Tech Hosted Lync – you will have the best combination of IT tools needed for your business communication with customers to flourish.

We’re excited about our new Live-Tech Hosted Exchange 2013. If you’re too then – Call us toll free on 1-888-361-8511 or visit Live-Tech Hosted Exchange website today for free consultation.

See you there 🙂

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