Adobe Patches Flash Player Vulnerability Found In April 2014

The vulnerability was used in Syria to spy on users, but will likely see wider exploitation unless updated.

Today, Adobe Systems released an emergency security update to their Flash Player for fixing a vulnerability that was actively exploited in attacks against users. Newly released Flash Player for Windows, Mac & Linux were made available by the company. The exploit was used since earlier this month, April 2014.

Kaspersky Labs was the first to discover these attacks which were allegedly launched through the website of Syrian Ministry of Justice to receive complaints about law violations. Although it’s unclear who launched these attacks but the website was compromised several times by hackers in the past.

Kaspersky Labs posted on their blog about the exploit samples received by them on April 14 & April 16. They exploit was initially recorded on April 9 & was detected by their Heuristic signature.

Both these newly found exploits used previously unknown vulnerability & targeted users in different ways. One of them was used to infect user’s system & the other was required Flash Player ActiveX & the Cisco MeetingPlace Express Add-in to be installed on the system.

The Ciso MeetingPlace is a web collaboration & video conferencing product; which means attackers more likely tried this for spying remotely on their targets. Precise malware information is not available as the payload files required for these injections were removed from the hosted server immediately after discovery of attacks.

Kaspersky Labs believe the attacks were based in Syria & were against seven Syrian dissidents complaining about the government.

Flash Player versions which are bundled into the browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 10, and Internet Explorer on Windows 8.1 will get the fix automatically through the respective update mechanisms. Even though the number of known attacks was low, Adobe is strongly recommending users to update their Flash player version to avoid further exploitation of this vulnerability; no matter what country you reside in.

Hope this helps.

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