Aero Glass Effect On Windows 10

Microsoft’s new Windows 10 is getting inch-closer to its public release, which will happen sometime during this summer. While, all the icons & design language is still using the modern “Flat” scheme – there is some hint in Build 10074 of the old “Aero Glass” effect to make its comeback, as part of graphical enhancements. Keep reading…

The company is currently A/B testing this old “Frosted Glass” effect which is a new default for half the Windows Insiders & the rest will see keep seeing the current flat translucent overlays. If people like the Aero Glass effect, then it might just make its way into final build.

The Hint

Here is how they’re A/B testing the Windows 10 with Aero Glass effect. Below are the two different screenshots displaying use of two different effects to different groups of Windows Insiders who’re using the new operating system!

Windows 10 Transparent Effect

Aero Glass Effect On Windows 10

Enabling The “Frosted Glass” Effect On Windows 10

If you happened to be a part of the group that see only the usual transparent effect & want to try out the new Aero Glass effect, then there is good news for you. Using the Registry Editor, you can enable the frosted glass effect on your Windows 10 installation.

  • Open ‘Registry Editor’ & navigate to the following path:
  • Then, double-click the “EnableBlurBehind” value to open edit “DWORD” dialog that appears.
  • Change the Value Data to “1” & click “OK”

Windows 10 Registry Editor Blur Effect

  • Close the Registry Editor & restart your Windows 10
  • Now when logged in, you can notice the Aero Glass effect

Liked it? Send Feedback To Microsoft

If you like the “Aero Glass” effect on the new Windows 10 & if you want it to be available during the public release – all you’ve to do is, open the “Windows Feedback” app & search for “Aero Glass” or “Blur Effect” & send your positive feedback about the feature. This feedback is good enough to tell Microsoft about your preference & if majority of the people say “Yes” then we’re more likely to see it in the final version too.

Do you want the “Aero Glass” or “Blur Effect” on the new Windows 10? Share your thoughts with us. And, if you need technical support for Windows 10 then contact us today. We at Live-Tech & our entire experts’ team is fully ready to support it.

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