Android Mirror USB – Experience Your Android Phone On Desktop

Android on desktop!!! Well, it sounds surprising, but perhaps a good news for all the Android users out there. Let me put the things in a very organized manner, where you guys will get to know how to use your android phone on your desktop PC. Time to bring Android on wider screens to replenish the user experience to a new level.

J5 JUC600 Android Mirror USB Cable is a device from J5 Create. It a major revolution seen in the field of Android Technology, where you can use this device to connect your android phone to desktop and use all the functionalities of your phone seamlessly on your computer.


Why Android Mirror

  • Use your cell phone’s internet connection to browse the web on your desktop
  • Get all call notifications right on your desktop
  • Send and Recieve cell phone emails from desktop
  • Enables you to accept or decline phone call with a text right from your desktop
  • Play games of your cell phone on wider screen
  • Use your cell phone’s text messaging services from desktop
  • View all your photo and video gallery on much larger screen

And all this can be done simply using your keyboard and mouse, and more over, all can be done while charging your phone.

Features of J5 JUC600 Android Mirror USB Cable

Data Transfer – Simple drag operations

juc600_610data-transfer-1024x614 (1)

When you want to copy a file from your computer to your phone’s location, just drag a file from your computer to this location. The file will copy to the chosen location.

Screen Mirror and Rotation

Android Mirror window can be easily maximized and minimized, which will mirror the native resolution of your android device. One can auto-rotate or manually rotate the screen on your desktop.

Text Copy & Paste


One can easily “copy” text from the Windows computer and “paste” it on the Text Windows. The text will instantly be available on the Android mobile device.

Mouse & Keyboard Control


  • Mimics finger touch on phone can be achieved on desktop using “Click and Slide” of mouse
  • Finger touch on phone can be achieved on desktop using “Left Click” of mouse
  • To go back to previous page from desktop, use “Right Click” of mouse

To get more specifications and order this device, please click here.

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