Announcing Live-Tech Affiliate Program With Recurring Commissions

We’ve been busy, very busy lately… just to bring what we promised during our 13th year celebrations. First we revamped our website so we could offer better control over purchases & renewal of technical support plans & cloud services subscription. Then we double checked to make sure we’ve the best SSL certificate installed on our website to safeguard online transactions & personal information. Now, we’re excited to share with you our new cost per sale (CPS) “Live-Tech Affiliate Program”.

Many of you may or may not be aware of what is affiliate marketing. Well, in simple words – it’s a performance-based marketing system & if your referrals purchase our products or subscription plans – you’ll get paid handsome commission from it. More details are given below.

Why Live-Tech Affiliate Program?

There’re several reasons why we wanted to start our own affiliate program. One of them was, to track & reward friends, our customers & marketers we know… who refer their friends, families & business associates to Live-Tech for technical help.

Also, it gives an opportunity for people we don’t yet know… who’re good at Internet Marketing – to connect with Live-Tech & get rewarded for referring customers to us & start their own income stream over the Internet.

Live-Tech Affiliate Program is based on a ‘Cost per Sale’ or ‘Pay per Sale’ model which means, you get paid flat 10% commission (or more) for every purchase made by your referred customer.

Why choose Live-Tech Affiliate Program

What’re Benefits of Live-Tech Affiliate Program?

Live-Tech Affiliate Program offers several exciting benefits as follow:

  • 10% commission on every purchase made by referral
  • Recurring Commissions on every subscription plan purchase & renewal
  • Tiered Commissions for every referred affiliate & sale made by them
  • Lifetime Commissions on every purchase made by your referred customer
  • 60 days cookie to offer plenty of time to make actual purchase after the referral
  • 24/7 support by email & toll-free number
  • Referral Tracking & lots more

Program Highlights

How does recurring commissions work?

Recurring Commissions are applicable on our subscription based technical support plans & cloud services. These plans can be subscribed on monthly or yearly basis.

So, if person you referred subscribes to any of our Yearly subscription plan – you will get 10% commission on this sale. Additionally, you will also receive 10% commission every year when that person renews the subscription.

Join Us Today

Live-Tech Affiliate Program

We’ll be periodically reviewing performance of all the affiliates & select ones will get increased commissions of up to 20% instead of 10%, depending upon various factors.

Come join our Live-Tech Affiliate Program today & get your referral ID. There is a lot to tell & talk. If you have any questions, you can always write to us or call us toll-free on 1 (888) 361-8511

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