Can We Deal With Every Cyber Security Threat?

For a company, what matters the most is their valuable data. Company can go up to any extent for securing their data. They will follow all sorts of cyber security protocols, all hook and crook to protect data from malicious attack. But, is the data still safe? That’s a big question. Because, the source of many of the threats to your sensitive data is a lot closer than you realize.

Some “Insider Threats” are unintentional, caused by people not knowing the best security practices, while many others though, are caused by people with malicious intent. These insider threats can be your employees, former employees or any other staff. Not all people of your company can be blamed for this, as it’s much unpredictable.

Some organizational researchers have come up with some facts like

  • Around 78% of security professionals claim that the biggest threat to endpoint security is negligent or careless employees who do not follow security policies.
  • About 90% of organizations experience at least 1 insider threat each month.

However, loss of data can be either due to accidental exposure or malicious exposure such as:

Accidental Exposure

  • Shadow IT applications utilized by employees can provide hackers with access points via software vulnerabilities.
  • Weak passwords or sharing of passwords can reduce security.
  • Social Engineering via phishing phones, malicious links can prove threat to security.

Malicious Exposure

  • Malware infections and code bombs (malicious codes) destroy data at future triggered date.
  • Some employees seek profit by selling the company data to other sources, thus loss of data.
  • Some employees may delete the data in retaliation for been terminated.

So, now you might think, what can be the greatest solution to overcome all these problems and save your company data. The answer to this is simple – “Backup”.

You are never going to change your unpredictable human nature and behavior, but as long as endpoint data is backed up, the organization is protected against accidental and malicious data loss.

And this can be achieved using our very own “Live-Tech SkyNox Cloud Backup“.

It is a complete cloud backup and recovery solution. It offers a secure, reliable and cost-effective way to protect against computer data loss. You can protect your mission-critical data and simplify your IT risk management with a solution that allows for quick and easy recovery from anywhere, via the Web, requiring no technical knowledge.

Features of Live-Tech SkyNox Cloud Backup

  • Military-grade encryption
  • Web access (From Anywhere in the Globe)
  • Multilingual interface (English, French)
  • Automatic version retention
  • Open file support
  • Incremental backup
  • Supports Microsoft Windows Desktop & Laptop
  • Supports Apple Mac OS Desktop & Laptop
  • Live-Tech Red Carpet Treatment

It is designed with scalability in mind, and covers everything from workstations to laptops to servers.(including Exchange and MSSQL servers)

Live-Tech uses an entirely clustered and redundant architecture held in our fully certified data centers.

How our secure backup will benefit you

Easy Setup

  • Simply install the application and follow the instructions provided.
  • Let your Live-Tech Support Team handle the complete setup and deployment.

Secure Cloud Backup

  • Your data is entirely safe and accessible only by you through an intuitive multilingual client.
  • Every bit of information that leaves your computer is encrypted by a military-grade 448-bit algorithm, and transferred via an ultra-secure connection.

Fast Recovery

  • Backed-up files can be easily retrieved from our high-availability environment quick steps like select and download.
  • In case of a major disaster, our hard drive shipping service provides you with a critical time-saving alternative.

Live-Tech Red Carpet Treatment

  • Live-Tech Cloud Services gives you just that: 24/7/365 courteous live support provided by Microsoft-certified experts, personalized service, a comprehensive knowledge base.

Let’s backup your data now using Live-Tech SkyNox Cloud Backup from here.

Need help choosing the right backup plan? Call us toll free, we are here to help! 1 (888) 361-8511

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