CEL-FI: Wireless Innovation To Boost Cell Phone Signals

CEL-FI: Wireless Innovation To Boost Cell Phone Signals

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Serious Technology for a Serious Problem

Did you know that 50% of mobile subscribers experience some level of poor-quality or dropped cell phone calls while indoors, yet 74% never contact their mobile operators to get the issue resolved? Instead, they try to figure out ways to fix the problem on their own. Often times that leads them to us – and we love turning skeptics into fans.

Hey, look who’s over the phone, its Bunny, my friend. But he seems to upset with something. Lets find out.

Bunny – Hello…Hello…I am not able to hear you!! Oh Jesus!! These call drops will kill me one day. I hate them.

Me – Hi Bunny, you hate what? ice-creams or burgers?

Bunny – I am hating this indoor poor quality call services. Either they drop regularly or they end up doing nothing

Me – Lets not worry so much Bunny. Do you like innovations??

Bunny – Come to the point?

Me – Have a look at this product.

Bunny – What? A  “CEL – FI DUO”!!! Now whats this?

Me – Its will help you boost your call range and signals. Now no more worrying about hectic call drops 🙂

Bunny – O come on. Be specific. What and how? Tell me everything about it.

Me – Sure. Here it is.

CEL-Fi is a device that offers the quality service to discard indoor call drops and boost the signal levels to achieve better reception.

This product comes in with various categories as per the lead requirements like,

Cel-Fi PRO Signal Booster

Cel-Fi DUO Signal Booster

CEL-FI PRO-X Cable Accessory (with and without cable)

Bunny – Well, it sounds too technical, but interesting. Explain me their features so that I can choose one for me.

Me – Yeah. Lets start on.

Cel-Fi PRO Signal Booster for AT&T-3G, 4G LTE


  • This one reduce Dropped Calls and Dead Zones.
  • Is easy to install as no cabling is required.
  • Covers up to 13,000 sq. ft. and is therefore ideal for homes and offices.

Check this out now: Cel-Fi PRO Signal Booster


Cel-Fi DUO Signal Booster for T-Mobile-3G, 4G LTE


  • This one is just the same as Cel-Fi PRO Signal Booster.
  • Build for T-Mobile systems.
  • Boost your signal without any security breach and your call or data session is never transmitted over the internet.

Check this out now: Cel-Fi DUO Signal Booster
Bunny – Hey, this sounds to be a cool product. Understanding my problem, I can go for CEL-FI PRO Signal Booster.

Me – Yeah. Now no more difficult talks. Talk better, reach smarter.

Bunny – Thanks for this one 🙂 I will definitely check about it in detail from given links. Goodbye.

Me – Goodbye Bunny. Don’t forget to give your reviews on this product when we meet next time. Guys watching us out there.



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