Editing MS Office Files On iPad Pro Is Going To Cost You

Editing MS Office Files On iPad Pro Is Going To Cost You

As per the new public release, Microsoft has confirmed that in order to edit documents with Microsoft Office on the iPad Pro, you’ll need to pay for an Office 365 subscription, according to Winbeta. As it turns out, the decision was one that was already made when the iPad Pro was announced, and is based purely on the size of the display.

Apple recently announced the new iPad Pro & is marketed straight at those seeking a tablet for productivity and professional work, and one of the staples of modern day-to-day business is Microsoft Office. The subscription service, Office 365, offers users a monthly payment plan for access to the cloud-based software, but if the device’s display is smaller than 10.1 inches, you don’t need to pay to edit documents.

iPad Pro’s have 12.9-inch retina display well over the size limit, and while you’ll be able to view documents for absolutely free, you’ll have to pay the subscription fee to actually enable editing.


That’s not that much expensive as far as cloud services is there, but it’s definitely a cost to consider if you’re thinking about moving to the iPad Pro and Office is part of your workflow and needed everywhere. That being said, it’s a penalty you’ll end up paying on any device that’s over 10.1 inches, including the Surface tablets, although some models include a free year with purchase. Unlike those tablets, which can run standalone versions of Office, the iPad Pro only has access to Microsoft’s Cloud-based option, or third-party alternatives.

Despite the cost involved, the experience of using the new Office 365 is beyond a few words. The way you or your organisation can bring all your documents on the cloud & still be able to use cloud MS Word or Excel is phenonmenal. It’s certainly a must-have product in going forward.

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