Facebook Is Offering Free Anti-Malware Software, But It’s Not A Complete Solution

One of the leading social networking giant Facebook announced yesterday about its new offering. They’ve added free downloading of anti-malware software if it detects infected devices. This will help them detect & prevent abuse for its users, the company said.

This free anti-malware software service is provided with the help of F-secure & Trend Micro. Facebook will display either one of them, depending upon the type of infection detected.

How it works?

If you’re infected with malware, Facebook will show a pop-up message (see image below) suggesting either of the said products while signing into the Facebook. Both products contain a large number of malware signature & are suitable for various types of threats.

As suggested, if you decide to download, it will install by itself & start scanning your system. You will then receive scanning update & notification on your Facebook account.

When it finishes the task, it will uninstall itself immediately.

Facebook Is Offering Free Anti-Malware Software, But It’s Not A Complete Solution

We’re free to ignore this pop-up warning & can continue using the Facebook without downloading these suggested products. However, if the system is infected, it might repeat the notification alert again.

Its definitely pleasing & nice to see Facebook offering free security tools to its users & it will also help cut down the number of spam links being shared from user accounts. The company is also thought to expand its security product offerings in the future by partnering with various companies.

Possible example of malware infection

Facebook is filled with spam links about hacking friend’s Facebook account & similar software alerts. All of them are false statements & are more likely speading while pretending as friends are metioning these in comments and/or sharing on Facebook timelines etc. — These are classic examples of site specific malware infections & requires immediate attention on cleaning your computer systems.

Spam messages like: Hack friend's Faceboo account

What’s not included?

Well, since we don’t get to keep the software after downloading – this new Facebook anti-malware software solutions won’t work as a substitute for keeping our computers healthy when not logging on to Facebook. Despite it being one of the nicest backup options, it cannot be treated as a permanent solution to virus & malware infections.

Also, a list of all the malware infections & supported devices for this solution is still unknown.

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