How To Choose Secure Passwords & Still Improve Your Habits

Gone are the days when you would select passwords that are only easy to remember. These days, not only your passwords have to be more secure, but also should be untraceable & relatively easy to recall. Some of the websites also provide an additional security layer of two-step verification methods, but how would you like if your passwords can remind you about your goal in life or a habit you wish to change? Sounds interesting isn’t it? Let’s see how we can choose better passwords & still help us improve on life.

Modern systems do not have a limit of a maximum of 8 characters for the password in fact, most of them insist on using minimum 8 characters, but still, many of us are so trapped in the old habit of using a known short word as a password, we end up keeping it very easy to crack. Another disadvantage is, if you’re using the same password for multiple accounts on multiple websites, you’re more prone to wider damages than otherwise.

Here is a fun part. Recently, I came across some people who’re using their passwords to remember things they want to achieve in life such as; changing eating habits, improve productivity, quit smoking or a motivational words to improve positive thinking. And, this concept caught my attention & made me think of getting it into the practice. It’s all gain & no loss. Think about it…

There is also a possibility of using different passwords for different websites, based on their usage for you. Like for example; for Facebook you might want to try using a phrase — ‘SpendLessTime@Facebook’ or if you’re very sensitive to annoying people on social media which could turn you’re a good day into a bad one, you might try using something that reminds you to keep calm & focus on your work, such as — “KeepCalm&ForgiveThem” or anything on that line.

For work email or work computers, it would be an awesome idea to have a password that reminds you the important tasks, for which you can use a phrase — “imustcheck@todo”, or “90%action+10%reaction”. If you’re trying hard to quit bad addictions such as smoking, you can try — “I@mNotSmoking” etc.

People who’re using such phrases & using them on daily routine are definitely finding it to be an effective method for reaching their goals in life or at work. Not just that, these pass phrases are also more likely less traceable & very hard to guess by the attackers, especially when you combine them with special characters & digits.

We hope you like this interesting idea of creating secure passwords & yet help you remind about the goals in life in general or at work. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us via comments. Do share this post with your friends if you like it.

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