How To Create/Change Auto Attendant Message/Greeting

Working with auto attendant messages

You can record a new message, load a professionally recorded message, or erase a message from the TalkSwitch system.

Recording a new message

You can record a new message using a local extension or remote phone.

  1. Pick up a local extension, or dial into the TalkSwitch system from a remote phone. If you pick up a local extension, you will hear the dial tone. If you dial in from a remote phone, the auto attendant will answer.
  2. Enter command mode by either pressing # on an analog extension phone, or *55# on a TalkSwitch IP phone (note: other brands may use *55 Send or *55 Dial).
  3. Enter the system password, followed by #.
  4. Dial 4 [auto attendant number 1 – 9] # to record the message. For example, dial 41# to record the message for auto attendant 1.
  5. Press # when you have completed saying the message.
  6. Dial 5 [auto attendant number 1 – 9] # to listen to the message. For example, dial 51# to listen to the message for auto attendant 1.

If you don’t set up an auto attendant message, the TalkSwitch system will answer without playing a message. The caller will hear silence and might assume the call did not get connected.

  1. Repeat Steps 4 to 6 to re-record the message, or hang up to keep the message.
    Loading a message

How to do this change via the TalkSwitch Software.

The Attendant Greetings area allows you to load the message for the auto attendant.
You can load an 8 kHz, 8 bit, Mono, u-Law .wav file that contains the auto attendant message. If
using a professionally recorded message, ensure it is in this format.

  1. Select an auto attendant.
  2. Click Load Greeting. The Select Wav File window appears.
  3. Click Browse to select the .wav file, and then click Select Wav File.

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