How To Get Started With Cloud Services For Your Business

Cloud Computing is no longer just a popular buzzword but has become one of the business essentials in recent years & it’s going to be the modern platform to use plenty of productivity tools & communication.

However, many people are still lagging behind despite it being one of the easiest ways to migrate to & the prime reason is lack of expert guidance on taking first baby steps for cloud migration.

We at Live-Tech offer variety of cloud services for your personal as well as business needs & we provide 24/7 expert support for all our customers. Here is a quick guide for getting started with cloud services.

Minimize risk & understand data security needs

You may choose us or other cloud service providers & perhaps, you’re already sold on the idea of migrating to the cloud, especially after reading the bouquet of features we offer under Live-Tech cloud services. However, that’s not how you should migrate all your services at once nor that we recommend so.

We believe in suggesting you to go for taking gradual approach. You will have to decide what should be on cloud immediately & what after that. This will ensure easy learning curve & also enables you to continue with your daily business activities without breaking anything of your routine.

For example, our Live-Tech SkyNox cloud backup solution. Backing up critical data & having them tightly secured is extremely important for businesses & by starting with cloud backup solution – you’ll be taking the most appropriate step into the cloud computing world.

Our Live-Tech SkyNox Cloud Backup solution offers military-grade encryption, automated scheduled backups, file versioning, 24×7 support & optional feature of sending out physical hard drive with your most up to date backup in case your local system fails.

Start with what you already know

Another important approach in getting started with cloud technology is – using apps that you’re already familiar with, such as Office.

Hence, getting started with this productivity tool on the cloud is much easier when combined with our Live-Tech SkyWorker Suite, which offers hosted Exchange, hosted SharePoint, hosted Lync & SkyNox backup all together with our free MIDAS migration service.

You can start using any of these separately & then decide to migrate to our various convenient plans.

Settle & then expand

It’s important to know if your cloud services provider has done a satisfactory job in handling your migration & how well did they manage to lower your risk during the period.

We’re confident about our ability to migrate your business on our cloud products & services. Once you’re satisfied with our migration service & VIP customer care to assist you through the process; you can start expanding your presence on cloud services.

With Live-Tech, you also get flexibility of paying on monthly or yearly basis, whichever suits best for your requirement.

Thinking about migrating your business to cloud? Contact us online & let us know… help is already there!

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