Hurricane Irma Service Interruption

Hurricanes are huge storms with 80 MPH or even higher wind force! When they reach land, it pushes a wall of ocean water ashore. Shattering Hurricane Irma’s strong wind and rain ruined Florida’s southern tip and this Saturday morning. Forecasts say that possibilities of heavy rain and potentially deadly storms may occur from the category 4 storm.

In order to enhance the safety of staff, we will be closing all of our local Florida offices and will ask staff to leave the area and setup at remote locations. Our topmost priority is to keep everyone safe. Once the storm passes, we will move into emergency response mode.

To our staff and customers who are stuck in the area being hit: Our love goes out to you and we wish you all the best. Our prayers are with you during troubling times.

Please note that all data center controlled services like 365, Email, Website Hosting, and other online assets are expected to remain online and active but we are monitoring and will enact failsafe’s to minimize downtime if required.

If you find yourself the victim of Irma and need Technical Support, we encourage you to contact us regardless of being a customer or not.

Live-Tech will deploy techs to the local area in order to aid in various restoration efforts. While we specialize in technology, restoration to the area will be very important as well. We look forward to working with our community leaders and neighbors to aid in making a bad situation better.

Live-Tech is currently accepting donations towards relief efforts. Funds will be used to purchase necessary supplies and get them transported to affected areas in Florida. Also, funds will be used as a means to donate time & technology supplies to local businesses & community.

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