Introducing SNOM 320 SIP Desktop Phone

Introducing SNOM 320 SIP Desktop Phone

The Snom 300 SIP phone series offers breakthrough technology for easier, smarter, and cheaper office communications—some exciting news for today’s business entities. Companies of any size and scale can benefit from an economical conference bridge solution in a secure environment. The SNOM 320 SIP Desktop Phone is the solution to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone that consumes less power in an efficient wireless dual Ethernet environment, and your business can enjoy all of the features of a high-end system.

All models in the Snom 300 series include two-line display with dozens of programmable function keys for caller convenience. When you are seeking a communications system that offers a clear exchange and high-quality voice every time, the Snom 320 is a powerful choice. You get a variety of features and easy function keys to handle any voice communications challenge for any workplace scenario.

Introducing SNOM 320 SIP Desktop Phone

Important Snom Series Features

The Snom 300 series is a robust communications solution if you desire amazing features at a price point that aligns with your business. Your users and customers will not be disappointed in what the Snom 320 has to offer. Not only is the Snom 320 easy to use, programming the configurations you desire is simple. You receive high-quality audio with a range of codecs for fast transmission

The Snom 320 is uniquely designed for office locations experiencing high volumes of communications that need high-end phones to carry out business functions. It is an affordable, powerful solution to accommodate any professional office environment. There are a number of pros and practically zero cons with the innovative Snom 320 SIP VoIP phone system.

Further advantages are extensive Codec support and wide-ranging compatibility with SIP components made by other manufacturers. The support of STUN, NAT, ENUM, and numerous other functions allows flexible utilization behind local proxies, IP PBXs, and hosted VoIP services.

Snom also offers a UC edition snom 320 that is qualified for Microsoft Lync. When registering a snom 320 UC Edition you will create an easy mass configuration and customization of the snom VoIP Phones. These snom UC Editon phones allow the Microsoft Lync user to now fulfill any business needs with a VoIP Phone.

Introducing SNOM 320 SIP Desktop Phone

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