Malware, Virus, Rogues, Trojan Horses, Adware & Many Other Related Computer Infections!

Friend or Foe

In the past months the numbers of infected computers with Malware, Virus, Rogues, Trojan Horses, Adware & many other related computer infections have drastically increased. The infections have no boundaries.  In the many cases that our Support team has assisted with, there are important factors that stand out.

Overtaking Powers

A computer is never too safe. The intelligence behind the mentioned infections is as great as the damage they cause.  All type of Malware, Virus, Rogues, Trojan Horses, Adware & other related computer infections infiltrate computer systems in many ways.  They sometimes start as small as 16kb to expand into Thousands of unwanted files.  As IT Support we have covered some challenging and unique attacks.  We strive to maintain our client’s safe and worry free.

Even with our strict IT regimes the infections are still invited to cause chaos.


That’s correct, almost 90% of the repaired infected computers the resolution is categorized as a Non-Intrusive attack.  What this means is the infection did not infiltrate, Hack, or by pass your system it was invited.

What about my Firewall, Free or Paid Virus Protection Software?

In the day and age of Technologist Gurus, Wanna be Programmers & just plain I’m new to all this!

I would not recommend operating a computer and not having the proper support, virus protection, Windows Security & Updates.

What about my Firewall? The Windows Firewall is first layer and when enabled it provides Network Protection with system notifications. It does not however protect, identify, nor alert on 80% of the Non-Intrusive attacks that occur.

What about my Free or Paid Virus Protection Software? Third Party Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware & Anti-Malware Software is much recommended as a Safe Choice.  Live-Tech installs AVG based Anti-Virus software to maintain all customer computers clean and also as a Watchguard for any new possible threat.  In most cases when a system has any kind of Active Anti-Malware Software it will decrease your chances of getting Infections. As I have mentioned even with the strictest regimen the Malware will learn ways to attract and continue to infect computer systems.

How to Avoid?

The different types of Malware mentioned have many different characteristics but below I have outlined some important items that you should always pay most attention to.

Please be more cautious with these Items.

  • Unknown Emails
  • Unknown Attachments or Downloads.
  • Unknown Alerts from Windows Security Systems
  • Unknown Requests from Software to Scan your Computer for Infections.
  • Unknown Alerts or Messages about software Updates.
  • Unknown Pop Ups or Websites.
  • Free Software or Downloads.
  • Social Sites, questionable click here links, IM Chat Software.
  • P2P File Sharing (Limewire, BearShare, Kazaa, Free MP3 Sites)

If computer infected or Suspect what should I do?

In most cases you can easily identify that your computer has been another victim of Malware.

Some of the signs:

  • You will receive many pop ups / alerts. (Alerts of Infection, Adult Contents, Many Screens open)
  • Limited or No Access to the Internet (This Page cannot be displayed, Internet explorer will not open, Firefox)
  • Disabled Windows functions. (No access to view Task manager, Control Panel, Crt+alt+Del )

What should I do?

To bring some brightness to this frightening reoccurring event is that Live-Tech Support has been very positive at identifying and correcting the core of the problem when it comes to Malware infected computers.  With a high percentage of fully restored computers fine tuned, cleaned out with no Data loss.   As a reader of this Blog I invite you to contact Live-Tech should you need any IT Technical Support.

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