New Android Malware Is Spreading Through Text Messages (Alert)

A very novel piece of malware is being spread to Android devices, especially through the Russian-speaking users. It abuses person’s contact list & then spread its existence to infect multiple other devices – irrespective of the region.

The malware called ‘Android/Samsapo.A’ downloads malicious files on to an Android phone to steal personal information such as text messages content & also block phone calls. Then, the malware uploads this data to a website, says Eset malware researcher.

‘Samsapo’ sends out a text message in Russian that reads, “Is this your photo??” & also has a link to an Android app package (.apk) that contains a copy of this malware. This APK file appears as a system utility; “ v1.0” but doesn’t have any icon nor any graphical interface.

New Android Malware Is Spreading Through Text Messages (Alert)

Some other things it can do in the background

  • It’s a downloader & can download multiple different malicious files
  • It’s a spyware & uploads important information to remote server
  • It acts as SMS Trojan to register your number for premium-rate services
  • It’s also able change your Alarm settings

Android does show a warning when downloading applications from unknown sources. Google Play Store does scan for such malicious apps & hence installing applications from third-party sources will put on risk. Chances are, even a known application is modified & then delivered through these sources to utilize popularity of the app for malicious benefit.

This type of malware is nothing new for Windows computers but its existence on Android mobile devices is surprising & shocking for days to come. Awareness about similar bad practices is the only way to keep your devices safe.

How to protect yourself from such threats?

It’s important to be aware about such threats & not fall into their trap, that’s the best way to safeguard yourself & the device.

  • Don’t allow applications to be installed from unknown sources.
  • Stay alert for any such fishy messages or popup messages for downloads
  • Contact us today to use the best updated Antivirus & Anti-malware for your Android device.

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