Spamming Evolves With Snowshoe Technique, But, We’re Ready To Fight It

Spamming is not new to us & it kept on evolving even as you read it. There are several organized spamming groups who’ve adapted well with the conventional spam filters & created more ways to throw spam in your inbox. The newest of these techniques is ‘Snowshoe’ spamming. We at Live-Tech, are ready to deal with them. Here are more details.

What’s Snowshoe Spamming?

Snowshoe spamming is a new technique in which the spammers use a wide array of IP addresses in order to spread the spam and this exact technique, with a large spread of addresses, makes usual spam filters not detect the spamming activity & it confuses incoming spam mails as legit. Obviously, It’s a tough task for the spam detection mechanism to sort spam.

Like snowshoes, which are designed in a way to spread the large weight across a wide area so that, whoever is wearing them does not break though the ice & snow crusts. Similarly, the Snowshoe spamming technique uses a wide range of IP addresses to distribute spam, so that the traditional spam filters can’t detect them, giving more chances to spam messages to reach our inboxes.

Sounds pretty crazy, right?

But, here is how we fight them

At Live-Tech Hosted Exchange, we’ve always been using all the modern spam filters to detect & block them. See the image below & you’ll understand that, our average response time to detect spam campaigns is less than a minute & blocks those immediately.

Spam Detection Delay Live-Tech

In addition to these modern spam fighting measures, we’ve come with the new countermeasures to better defend new tactics such a snowshoe & hit-and-run.

  1. We at Live-Tech Hosted Exchange have a new approach of limiting the IP addresses, known as “greylisting”, which will limit the amount of emails we accept from IP addresses that have not sent a consistent amount of legitimate emails over a long period of time to our customers. This ensures a sure defense against snowshoe spammers who usually send small volumes from IP addresses without any known history of legitimate emails from those IPs.
  2. New data sources who track snowshoe spamming activities globally, which helps in improving the security mechanism in real-time.
  3. We’ll be tracking new campaigns by analyzing recurrent patterns for messages & in behavior, enabling us to quarantine new spam, even before having a chance to categorize them.

“Greylisting” Availability  To Fight Against Snowshoe Spam

We’re implementing the new policy of IP Address rate limiting for all our Live-Tech Hosted Exchange 2013 & 2010 customers. It will be available from the schedule given below:

  • Exchange 2013: Starting from November 20, 2014.
  • Exchange 2010: Starting from November 27, 2014
  • Exchange 2007: Shortly after above mentioned rollout.

Live-Tech is doing its best to take aggressive anti-spam measures, to ensure our customers have the best protection available. We’re committed to make the most advanced & secured mailbox available for you & your business.

If you’re a Live-Tech Hosted Exchange customer or not, you can always get in touch with us through our toll-free number 1 (888) 361-8511 or visit

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