Symantec Backup Exec. Cloud Alternative: Live-Tech SkyNox Backup (See Features & Comparison)

As you probably knew already, Symantec is now decided to discontinue supporting their Backup from January 2015. This will leave many businesses look for other alternatives for their cloud backup solution. If you’ve come here looking for the Symantec Backup Exec alternative then you’ve come to the right place. We’re comparing it with Live-Tech SkyNox backup; which is easy-to-use, affordable & the most secured cloud backup solution.

Symantec’s Backup Exec. Cloud was priced well & hence most companies decided in its favor; however, it lacked some features such as – business continuity, workstations, support for Exchange, SharePoint, VMware & Hyper V.

Not just that – the other cloud backup solutions were largely targeted for larger enterprises & sometimes required purchasing expensive hardware equipment. Such scenario might not be affordable for all but also may not even be required for the small businesses. That’s where the Live-Tech SkyNox backup comes into the picture.

Let’s look at some of the key highlights of the SkyNox backup

Key Features

  • It’s affordable with low monthly fees & no long contracts
  • Easy agentless setup
  • Complete, full environment backup
  • Powerful bandwidth
  • Extra secure with military-grade 448-bit encryption + SSL
  • Anywhere & anytime access
  • Compatibility with HIPAA, SOX, GLBA etc.
  • Web access
  • Automatic versioning & incremental backup

Live-Tech SkyNox backup takes 1 minute to setup & because there is no hardware implementation required, you can simply download the SkyNox client (supported on Windows & Mac) & start configuring your backup options such as; choosing files & folders, managing data, bandwidth throttling & other with just a few clicks.

The backups are made without any interruption & you can let the backup client run in the background. When files are backed-up, it will stop syncing files & will resume on its own when the files are changed. With Live-Tech SkyNox backup, it’s very easy to recover & then restore the backed-up files with simple clicks.

Live-Tech SkyNox Cloud Backup

Additionally, you can also request for shipping a new hard-drive (costs extra) with your entire SkyNox backup just in case you have a system failure or a crashed hard-drive. This is an amazing service feature you won’t usually find with other solutions.

Symantec Backup Exec. Cloud Vs. Live-Tech SkyNox Cloud Backup

Live-Tech SkyNox Symantec Backup Exec. Cloud
Contract term None, just monthly consumption fees.
Discounts available for yearly plans
1, 2 & 3 year contracts
Full environment backup Yes, of both server & workstation File,
Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, HyperV,
VMWare, Linux, MAC; backup jobs done  via setup wizards
No, just a simple file backup solution
Agentless backups Yes, only the Live-Tech SkyNox Server agent is installed; computers are detected and backed up through the network No, agent-based; must be installed on all servers and workstations
Business continuity Certified by Microsoft to automatically
backup open files, even if a backup job isn’t scheduled
Cannot automatically back up open files, (only backs up data when the backup job is running)
Resource allocation Yes, throttling allows you to specify bandwidth and CPU usage No, cannot control bandwidth
or CPU usage
Compression & deduplication Yes, minimizes storage space and
bandwidth utilization
Compression & deduplication Yes, minimizes storage space and
bandwidth utilization
Encryption Bank-grade 448 bit + SSL 256 bit AES
Exchange mailbox level (brick-level) backups Yes, through automated wizards No
Seeding Yes, you can choose to ship their data for us to manually upload to the servers to minimize bandwidth; ideal for initial backups No, you can only upload data to the datacenters over the internet; initial
backups are resource- and time-consuming
Backup types Cloud, on-premise or seeding to our datacenters Cloud or on-premise only
Quick recovery to VM Yes No
SOC 2 certified Yes, SOC 2 Type II No

Looking at the list of features available on, SkyNox looks like a better choice to move, since Symantec Backup Exec. is likely shutting down its support.

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