Techie facts that will leave you surprised!!

Have you ever thought, a Hollywood film star would invent Wi-Fi? What if I say that, U.S. Nuclear missiles had ‘00000000’ as password for last 20 years!! Unbelievable, right?

Time to raise the curtains to some of the Techie facts that will leave you surprised

U.S. Nuclear Missiles – Wonder Factnuclear_weapons

In 60’s, all U.S. military commanders had greater freedom on initiating a nuclear attack. Sensing this as a fearful situation, President Kennedy came up with a decision to acquire an eight digit password policy for launching any missiles. They kept the password as ‘00000000’ for all the missiles so that they don’t forget it. For the last 20 years, they were following the same password. This information comes all the way from Air Force launch officer Mr. Bruce Blair, however, the Air Force department denies on this information to be true.

Outer Space – Threat to your dataedrs-esa_copyright

Scientists and researchers are aware of the errors that are seen in semiconductor electronics, regarding the specific bit becoming incorrect sometimes. However, recent study states that the cosmic rays from the outer space switch the bits in the computer’s chips.
Solution – Reboot the system or better keep your equipments underground!!!!

Hollywood invented technology – Wi-Fidownload

During World War II, Hedy Lamarr – a classic Hollywood beauty, and George Antheil – an avante-garde composer patented a technology that would allow radio signals to torpedos to hop from frequency to frequency and avoid being jammed. However, the Navy rejected it at the time, but during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the patent figured into the development of numerous broadcast standards, one of them being Wi-Fi.

One Programming Error – Big losses bug1

During 1991 Gulf War, when an Iraqi Scud missile hit a U.S. Army barracks near Dharan, Saudi Arabia, it killed 28 people. The nearby Patriot missile battery failed to intercept the Scud, as it had a software bug where one part of its internal calculations used a decimal representation of time, and one part used a binary representation. The error was derived in part from the Patriot’s internal clock which got worse the longer the system went without a reboot. The Patriots were always on alert and never rebooted.

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