Windows 10 – Details You Should Know

Microsoft is all prepping up, to launch the all new Windows 10 (yes, skipping the name Windows 9). The new Windows 10 will come as free upgrade for existing Windows 7, 8 & 8.1 users. Windows 10 is a completely new built, as claimed by Microsoft, has many exciting features. Windows Phone 10 is also expected to launch alongside the desktop & tablet OS.

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Plenty of work is still pending on the new OS & other developers are working overtime to get their Windows apps perfected before the Windows 10 launch date, but that’s definitely not going to happen anytime during April 2015.

1. The Touch UI to stay – to evolve.

Microsoft wants to keep supporting the Touch UI users who’re on the Windows 8 & wish to continue with it to evolve the Touch UI for better experience. The new Windows apps will work on touch, non-touch, tablets, PCs or even on giant monitors & will offer best user experience, says the company.

2. “Start Menu” is back but hybrid

“Start Menu” is back but hybrid

Well, this is definitely good news. Our dear Start Menu is back in Windows 10 & it’s going to be hybrid one. How? Mostly it will be the same as old, but will have Live Tiles to accompany, which can be customized or resized as per the need.

3. New “TASK View”

Task View

Windows 8 task switcher is no longer entertained; it’s gone & is replaced by a new Task View in Windows 10. This is done so the users can switch between multiple virtual desktops easily. Alt+Tab shortcut now also switches between desktops. It seems good.

4. New “Snap Assist”

New “Snap Assist”

This new Snap Assist feature helps work more efficiently, when working on two or more apps at the same time. It’s very much same as tiling multiple windows, but in (probably) a better way. You can snap up to four apps & while doing so – all opened apps are shown in empty area for easy selection.

5. Modern Command Prompt

Finally, there is an enhancement for Command Prompt. It gets the much-needed keyboard shortcuts from the new century. Now, we can paste commands easily. It’s nothing groundbreaking per se, but none the less, very useful.

6. Improved Windows Explorer

Microsoft is continuing to add little nifty improvements to the legendary Windows Explorer. It’ll feature the Home Location that takes us to the default view & also there is a SHARE button – so it works seamlessly with the Windows Apps. It will be great if the SHARE button is also available on Context menu.

7. Continum


Continum is a crazy new addition to the Windows 10. It does automatically detects the change in mode; so if you’re on a touch device – there’re whole lot of changes on-screen & works better to navigate & if you attach a Keyboard – everything goes back into the Desktop mode.

8. Universal Apps

Universal Apps

Windows Universal apps is the new big thing for Microsoft. All the Windows 10 apps will work on mobiles, tablets, desktops, laptops, servers & all will have just one store to get them from. All will have modern device & layout detection. Old apps will also work on the new Windows 10.

9. Universal Apps, fully desktop compatible

Universal Apps, fully desktop compatible

The new Universal apps, as mentioned above, will work on touch & non-touch devices. Hence, they can be resized, moved, closed through the title bar & can also be floated on-screen. Welcome back to Windows you knew.

10. Business & Enterprise

It’s going to be here & stay. Microsoft is all set to lure the enterprise users & is trying put all best possible on Windows 10 which will include, Customized Store, Corporate Data Protection, Mobile Device Management & much more. Windows 10 will also be letting keep personal & corporate data separate.

11. New Browser = Bye Bye Internet Explorer

Microsoft has already announced about retiring our old buddy, Internet Explorer. The team is working on Project Spartan – which is a completely new browser built from ground up. Hope this changes the game.

The new Windows 10 is definitely looking like a step up. Let us know your thought.

Get Ready For Windows 10 Today

We now fully support the new Windows 10. Write to us or call us toll-free 1 (888) 361-8511 to find out more.


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