Cyberpunk 2077 lore guide: fear and loathing in Night City

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“No one ever leaves Evening Town. With the exception of in a frame bag.” The ones are the phrases of Bes Isis, Evening Town resident, keyboard extraordinaire, and assassin became community information speaking head. Taking into account we’re visiting the ones tough and in a position streets when Cyberpunk 2077 releases in September, it’s almost certainly smart to have some thought of the place we’re heading. It’s no longer this type of position you’d need to get misplaced in.

So we have now put in combination this at hand information to Cyberpunk’s Evening Town in accordance with what we all know concerning the tabletop recreation, together with town’s historical past, gangs and megacorporations chances are you’ll come upon.

The upward thrust…

Evening Town sits in Del Coronado Bay on the US’s West Coast, within the Loose State Of Northern California. It wasn’t named after midnight both, however as an alternative after its founder, Richard Evening. 

Evening envisioned a capitalist utopia, and broke clear of his corporate Halsey, Ferris and Evening to shape Evening World. Below this industry, development paintings started on Coronado Town, then named after the bay, in 1992. A 12 months later, megacorporations similar to Arasaka, EBM and Petrochem had all closely invested, purchasing into Evening’s imaginative and prescient of no poverty, no crime, and no rules to obstruct the ethically doubtful paintings of the Megacorps.

Capitalist gears freshly oiled via staff’ blood, Coronado Town changed into a truth. Prior to Evening may just see his experiment to fruition even though, he was once murdered in 1998 via the arranged crime syndicates muscled out of his company imaginative and prescient. Coronado Town was once named Evening Town in his honour, and temporarily descended into chaos.

The autumn…

With Evening long past, the gangs and the megacorps brazenly battled for regulate. Any perception of a crime-free utopia had vanished like gun smoke, town awash with greed, violence and desperation. By way of 2005, the megacorps misplaced their will to struggle, and retreated again to the protected haven of the company districts, leaving the gangs to struggle every different for regulate of Evening Town’s grisliest spaces.

This was once an uneasy, frenetic time for Evening Town, with the lawless gangs dividing up what was once left of town for themselves. Slightly inevitably, a complete scale turf warfare broke out in 2009. The 2 years between 2009-2011 had been the deadliest in Evening Town’s historical past, till the Arasuka company stepped in with paramilitary intervention to carry down the warfare with a shuddering crash. Figuring out extra mob war may just force down income and harm their base line, the megacorps retained a company grip at the town after the warfare.

By way of 2020, when the tabletop recreation takes position, Evening Town is within the calm between two storms. By the point we arrive in 2077, town has been voted “the worst position to reside in The united states,” suggesting that brewing hurricane is now at its peak.


There are heaps of gangs in Evening Town, and whilst they’re all very best have shyed away from, some are for sure extra bad than others.

Featured closely the gameplay we’ve observed up to now, the Animals are a melee struggle gang hooked on the steroid ‘Juice’. They’re getting prime on their very own provide too, as giant avid gamers within the drug racket and the underground combating rings in Evening Town. Be expecting to come upon them so much all the way through your keep.

The Lizzies are superfans of singer and Evening Town influencer, Lizzy Wizzy. Believe if Marnie from Pokémon was once lined in chrome and Staff Yell had been on LSD. They’re minor avid gamers with out a actual territory, however you gained’t need to move them.

The Maelstrom are a struggle heavy gang, shaped from the remnants of the Steel Warriors, who disbanded all the way through Evening Town’s maximum chaotic instances. Within the tabletop, they ran the Previous Downtown zone across the docks, however by the point we get there in 2077, they’ve moved to the Watson District’s All Meals pig slaughterhouse, which is the place we’ve observed those brutes in one of the vital gameplay photos.

We’ve observed a little of the Scavengers within the launched gameplay photos, suggesting they’ll have a large presence within the recreation. They don’t vie for regulate, however as an alternative are small time thugs who kidnap folks and harvest their cyberwear. Disguise your extremely cool chest cannon round those guys.


Tyger’s Claw
A martial arts heavy gang in Japantown, they seem to have ditched their cyberless stance of 2020 to include the generation of 2077. Rumored to be sponsored via megacorp Arasuka. 

Now not in reality a gang such a lot as they’re himbos. No violence, no turf, no combating, only a bunch of bros hellbent on snoozing with each and every lady on the town.

Voodoo Boys
Within the tabletop, the Voodoo Boys had been the scariest gang in Evening Town. Whilst they make their cash from medication, they get their a laugh from rape, torture and homicide. Occasionally they mark possible sufferers’ doorways in hen blood, even supposing every so often they don’t hassle with the caution. By way of 2077 even though, they seem to have was guardians in their group, protective the Haitian group of the Pacifica district. 

Violent and cruel, the Yakuza are in every single place within the town, enthusiastic about medication, weapons and cash laundering.


Regardless that megacorps appear much less threatening than the gangs, they could be extra bad. Right here’s what you wish to have to grasp.

Community Information 54, Numerous Media Techniques and Global Information Carrier are the 3 24 hours information products and services in Evening Town; all 3 are concept to had been bribed via more than a few govt officers.

At first agriculture was once small time, circle of relatives industry, till the conglomerates driven everybody out. In this day and age, the biofuel CHOOH2 is principally produced via Petrochem, whilst Russian corporate SovOil produce inferior CHOOH2 and promote it inexpensive.

Those guys in reality run Evening Town, and stay unaffected via the turmoil. Arasaka, Militech and Mitsubishi-Sugo feed the military-industrial complicated, whilst EBM and IEC compete for regulate of cybermanufacture.

As soon as the portions had been manufactured, the remainder of the cyber money is divided between Zetatech (who deal in device) and Microtech (who create the mainframes and servers). Those megacorps stay Evening Town ticking.

Whilst CyberCorps run the exterior tech, the frame upgrades are cut up between Dakai Soundsystems, Cyphire Cyberware, Dynalar Applied sciences and Asahi Rem Tech. Dakai and Cyphire collaborate on audio upgrades, whilst Dynalar do fashion conscious implants for celebrities, and Asahi produce the extra on a regular basis stuff. There’s additionally Biotechnica, who deal in GMO meals and feature invented V. Megasuavis wheat, an important in making CHOOH2.

Arasaka and Militech are sufficiently big to fabricate guns and teach safety mercenaries, whilst Lazarus makes a speciality of paramilitary contractors.

Evening Town is a spot we will be able to’t wait to discover, particularly with Keanu via our facets. Simply watch out to not wander down any darkish alleys…

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