The Outer Worlds doesn’t shy away from its Fallout roots – and that’s great

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When Obsidian Leisure published The Outer Worlds at E3 2018 it was once onerous to forget about the radioactive elephant within the room. A dystopian sci-fi RPG with darkish humor and madcap characters? Bethesda’s Fallout collection straight away come to mind. 

And that comparability would not essentially be flawed. Finally, Obsidian Leisure is the studio at the back of Fallout: New Vegas, arguably the collection’ hottest identify. And, following the disgruntlement that was once Fallout 76, there may be maximum without a doubt an area in our library for a whacky new RPG. 

However has The Outer Worlds were given what it takes to fill void left by means of Fallout?

Following a palms off demo of The Outer Worlds at E3 2019, we sat down with senior narrative fashion designer, Megan Starks, to speak about balancing darkish subject matters, underlying politics and dwelling within the shadow of Fallout.

 Firms and capitalism

Symbol credit score: Obsidian Leisure

We’ve got been extraordinarily excited for The Outer Worlds however contemporary historical past has dictated that ceaselessly AAA titles do not finally end up containing what was once labelled at the can. So, we had been pleasantly shocked to search out that Obsidian Leisure turns out to have long gone above and past our expectancies, making a identify that masterfully walks the road between cynical statement on capitalism and humor. 

The overarching theme of The Outer Worlds is inherently bleak. Your persona awakes from hibernation amidst a conspiracy to smash Halycon – a colony dwelling on the fringe of the galaxy pushed by means of big-brand companies. In The Outer Worlds, companies are king and Obsidian benefit from this to ship comedy with a chew.

A super instance of this was once showcased within the palms off demo: The challenge you are given is to discover a gentleman referred to as Clive who runs the Boarstwurst canning manufacturing facility. Boarstwurst, for the ones questioning, is a meat that is accrued from Cystypigs. As we find on sneaking into Clive’s manufacturing facility, Cystypigs are outsized boars that develop disgusting pustules on their frame. When the ones pustules are ‘ripe’ they’re harvested for Boarwurst which is then canned. Yummy. 

Obsidian Leisure turns out to have long gone above and past our expectancies, making a identify that masterfully walks the road between cynical statement on capitalism and humor.

There is no denying all the ‘Slaughterhouse Clive’ challenge is providing some form of
statement on animal farming practices, but it surely by no means seems like you are being force-fed an ethical lesson. It is  a related revel in to Abe’s Odyssey in that the tone of humor balances out those darker subject matters and not makes it really feel like you are getting a lecture from the builders, moderately it seems like Obsidian are poking amusing at our capitalist tradition.

“I believe it’s in point of fact fascinating for the reason that two recreation administrators, Tim [Cain] and Leonard [Boyarsky], constitute each and every facet of the humor,” Starks tells us. “Tim has a lighter, quirky humorous, Futurama taste of humor and Leonard could be very darkish and virtually philosophical in it. When the 2 come in combination it moves a in point of fact excellent steadiness.”

Radioactive elephants

Symbol credit score: Obsidian Leisure 

Then again, Obsidian claims its no longer deliberately looking to ship a political message and as an alternative overtly admit number one inspiration was once drawn from the Fallout collection. 

“Tim and Leonard sought after to create this new IP very similar to Fallout – within the sense that it’s a depressing apocalyptic international,” Stark explains. “Right here we would have liked to create a long run that may be a fairly dystopian society. We idea ‘what can be an enchanting tackle that but in addition humorous?’ and we simply ran with that.”


It is refreshing that Obsidian does not disguise the affect Fallout has had on The Outer Worlds, particularly for the reason that studios generally will cross out in their method to argue in opposition to such issues.

However having Fallout as inspiration doesn’t suggest The Outer Worlds is an insignificant rehash – it stands as a recreation in its personal proper. Whilst options equivalent to perks, partners and battle really feel specifically an identical, it sounds as if that Obsidian has taken the style and ramped it as much as 10 including persona flaws, extra impactful possible choices and extra in-depth characters. 

“I believe what individuals are fascinated about with the sport is – for those who’re conversant in Obsidian video games – we attempt to take it to the max.”

Megan Starks – Senior Narrative Dressmaker

“Numerous it’s the atmosphere and the humor evidently, it’s simply that character that you just get with the sport,” Starks explains once we query what is going to set The Outer Worlds except for Fallout. “I believe what individuals are fascinated about with the sport is – for those who’re conversant in Obsidian video games – we attempt to take it to the max.

“The belongings you love in regards to the video games that we make, we need to supply to you in The Outer Worlds. It is rather player-choice pushed, we wish a in point of fact wealthy tale however the whole lot you do has reactivity to it and you’ll be able to play the best way that you wish to have to play whether or not that’s excellent, evil, psychopath, whether or not you wish to have to facet with the scientists and check out to save lots of the machine or whether or not you wish to have to enroll in the board and fortify their time table or if you wish to double-cross either one of them and do a lone-wolf factor. 

“I believe that’s a part of it. The video games other people already like from the studio, you’ll get that very same revel in right here. “

Selection issues

Symbol credit score: Obsidian Leisure 

Within the demo we watched, Obsidian’s branching narrative was once without a doubt distinguished. We will come again to Clive’s Slaughterhouse, as it is the very best instance. 

On this challenge on my own, a number of possible choices had been offered. Initially, do you select to take the challenge which comes to usurping Clive for a ballsy woman referred to as Catherine? The following choice is how you means entering the slaughterhouse. Do you sneak? Move guns-blazing? Or possibly smart-talk your means in? 

However the largest resolution comes whilst you in truth in finding Clive, a raccoon-eyed guy who makes Hannibal Lecter seem like an inexpensive man. Clive will give you an entire life provide of Boarstwurst (take into accout, pustules) in go back for bringing him Catherine’s head. The selection you’re making will impact all the game- and be in a position for those possible choices so much. 

“We do in each and every means attempt to have the sport react to what you’re doing on the earth.”

Megan Starks – Senior Narrative Dressmaker

“There are a large number of examples of preference from the absolute best degree, like do you wish to have to be the board or a scientist or neither?” Starks explains. “Even on a small degree, say if I’m enjoying a dumb scientist persona and I be certain that possible choices in discussion, folks will react to that and the discussion will play out in numerous techniques.”

Starks offered the instance of Marauder-infested spaces, which may also be cleared out. If you select to take action then you could in finding flora and fauna take over the world later within the recreation. In a similar fashion different possible choices impact persona reactions (together with whether or not partners make a selection to desert you), narrative and setting. “We do in each and every means attempt to have the sport react to what you’re doing on the earth,” Starks explains.

From what we now have noticed, The Outer Worlds seems like Obsidian Leisure at top shape providing an tongue-in-cheek RPG that does not shy clear of the grimmer facets of our doable dystopian long run. And we will be able to’t wait to get our palms on it.

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