This extraordinary motherboard is being used by server CPU scavengers

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It’s laborious to imagine, however even motherboard distributors have manufacturing unit outlet retail outlets (FOS). Directly from AliExpress comes the Shenzhen FOS, which specialises in new motherboards for out of date server processors.

Shenzhen FOS has controlled to carve out a distinct segment in response to the truth that, every so often, tens of hundreds server CPUs flood the marketplace as hyperscalers and cloud computing suppliers (internet website hosting, cloud garage, web page developers, VPN firms and many others.) alternate platforms.

Abruptly, eBay and AliExpress are awash will outdated (however nonetheless helpful) servers dumped by way of the likes of Microsoft, Google and Amazon – and they are extraordinarily reasonable. The issue, on the other hand, is that they do not have a consumer-focused, user-friendly motherboard to fit into.

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Input the Shenzhen FOS and a handful of alternative craftspeople, who fulfil that particular want at an overly aggressive value.


As an example, take this twin X79 motherboard, which is able to accommodate a couple of Intel Xeon CPUs, supporting E5-1600/E5-2600 Collection V1/V2 processors.

You’ll get a couple of them for every so often as low as $10 (about £8, AU$12), turning in as much as 8 cores. Upload within the motherboard, which prices $76.50 except for supply (about £63, AU$120), and you’ve got a good barebones machine.

On the other hand, we haven’t examined this motherboard and the standard caveats practice, particularly when the web page’s opening remark reads: “Because of other batches of productions, there could be some distinction between the photographs you might have observed and the motherboard you get. Retail bins, colours of DIMM slots, SATA ports, PCI or PCI-E Slots and different ports, are matter to modify with out prior realize”.

TL,DR: it’s possible you’ll finally end up with a motherboard that is slightly other from the only you idea you have been ordering.

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